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Category: Anime

Eyeshield 21

by BakaSamma


A lifetime of being others gofer develops the skills needed to take on the Japanese High School American Football League.

Kobayakawa Sena was a weak and pathetic kid. All through elementary and middle school his only friend was Anezaki Mamori who always protected Kobayakawa to the point where he never stood up for himself. Being so weak Kobayakawa always became to class gopher for even the weakest of bullies. Constantly running errands and running away from bullies developed some pretty unique skills that were discovered Hiruma Yƍichi on Kobayakawa’s first day of highschool to be the makings of the ultimate running back for American football. Hiruma quickly “recruits” Kobayakawa into the Deimon high school football team the Deimon Devil Bats. With a new ace player the Deimon Devil Bats can now go for their dream of playing in the Christmas Bowl.

This is a fun series and fully accessible for those with little knowledge of American football. They do a good job of breaking down the major rules of the game early on and delve into deeper aspects of the game as new characters are introduced to fill other positions and older characters improve to implement newer strategies. Overall Eyeshield 21 is a good character growth series.

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