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Category: Anime


by BakaSamma


Dogs, mans best friend… Inukami, fanboys best friend. Whats not to love about dog gods that can take human form and become faithful servants for humans?

Kawahira Keita is a decendant of a well established clan of inukami-tamers but due to his lifestyle choices (He’s a woman chasing pervert) repulses any inukame he comes in contact with leaving him unable to form a contract to become a true inukami-trainer. This causes him becomes a black sheep to his family and he is cast out from the main house. Yoko is a stubborn problematic inukami that is shunned (for reasons revealed later in the series) by other inukami and deemed unsuitable to be bonded with. Some how Keita and Yoko end up becoming partners and the series takes close to 20 eppisodes to explain why that happened…

Meh, don’t get me wrong. Even with the painfully slow plot progression the series is still a fun watch and when the story starts picking up it moves along quite well. One thing that really bugged me was that Yoko seems to be deeply in love with Keita but when ever they start to get intimate, Keita would start to envision what his future will be like. This comes to an abrupt stop when Keita envisions him and Yoko surrounded by a litter of puppies instead of normal kids and he flees to go after other women. The thing is the only other women he ends up chasing after are other inukami… wtf? Also as far as fan service goes there is plenty of implied full frontal nudity how ever it’s mostly male nudity… sigh.
Oh and another thing that bugged me is that this series seems groups otaku together with pantie thieves, peeping toms, and masochistic exhibitionist. A pervert can be an otaku but not all otaku are perverts!!!

So yea, all gripes aside I had a lot of fun with this series. Also pay attention to the closing video. It’s always fun when a series changes up their OP n CL videos in context with whats happening in the story but episode 18 closing is hillarious!!!

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