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Category: Game

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

by BakaSamma


Ubisoft lands the license to a beloved fantasy world and they decide to make a puzzle game… WTF?

I probably would have taken a Might and Magic license in a different direction but I have to admit I am having fun with this game. The game play is set up with the top screen being occupied by an opposing army and you take control of yours on the bottom screen. By lining up three units of a certain color vertically you initiate an attack and three units horizontally they form a defensive wall against enemy attacks. Players take turns with a limited number more moves to set up attacks and defenses untill the leader loses all of their HP.

They also mix up game play with objectives like hitting a certain unit instead of taking out the army leaders HP. There are also some battles where a friendly unit is wandering around on enemy lines and you must take out the leader with out hitting them.

The story is pretty genaric where you must foil a demon plot to take over the world but they do throw in a few twist to keep things interesting.

Over all I wasn’t expecting much from this game but ended up having fun with it. Leveling up units and trying to link up massive combo attacks is addictive fun.

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