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by BakaSamma


Every thing you want from a fan service series, Anthropomorphic girls, high school harem scenario, lotsa fan service, the only thing missing is a lil shota action…(looks at main character) no wait. Nevermind.

Kanokon follows the life of high school first year transfer student Oyamada Kouta and his adjustment to city life. One of the first people Oyamada meets at his new school is the aggressive Minamoto Chizuru, a second year “trouble student” who has fallen for Oyamada at first sight. As soon as Minamoto gets the chance to get Oyamada alone she “accidental” reveals that shes a Kitsune demon and that she wants to bang him as soon as possible but circumstances keep them from the actual act. Later Oyamada attracts the attention of Ezomori Nozomu with a small act of kindness. Ezomori turns out to be an Okami demon and also seems to be in love with Oyamada. So now little Oyamada is stuck with two sexy demon ladies competing to seduce him all while he’s trying to live a normal life in the city.

The series is a fun watch, and the first episode come on strong with the fan service! Maybe too strong because it leaves you feeling jaded about the service through out the rest of the first season. Although I’m pretty sure that’s not a bad thing. My only gripe with the series is that the main character, Oyamada looks like he’s 12. So every time Minamoto tries to seduce him it looks like she’s molesting a minor, but I guess some people are in to that.

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