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Category: Anime

Kanokon: Manatsu No Daishanikusai

by BakaSamma


A two episode OVA that takes place over the first summer break of Oyamada Kōta’s high school life.

Nothing really new happens between Oyamada and Minamoto Chizuru. Just more of the same ol high school girl molesting a minor, which is still fun to watch, as awkward as it is. Probably the best thing about this OVA is that they bring some of the other secondary characters into the lime light. You get to see the twins Nanao Ai and Nanao Ren as they search for a meal… which is a little depressing. One of the things I found more enjoyable is that you get to see Minamoto Chizuru’s little brother, Minamoto Tayura struggle to advance his relationship with the class rep Asahina Akane.

The only down side is that there wasn’t enough of Ezomori Nozomu. Fans wanting a little Okami action weren’t completely left out to dry, she does have a few solo scenes but not a whole lot of interaction between her and Oyamada. However the scene where She makes fun of Asahina is priceless!

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OAV trailer

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