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Category: Anime

Kimi Ni Todoke

by BakaSamma


I’m getting soft in my old age when such a simple story can get me all teary eyed…

That or I’ve been watching to much fan service anime that a little drama came as a huge shock to my system. Ah well.

This series is about bout a girl named Kuronuma Sawako but due to her gloomy nature and because of a mispronunciation in elementary school, every one came to know her as Sadako, the name of little girl from The Ring movies.
After being dubbed Sadako in elementary school she started to gain rumors in middle school about having supernatural powers and eventually people came to believe that if you stared into her eyes for more than 3 seconds you would become horribly cursed 7 days later. With all of the rumors and Sawako’s naturally gloomy nature causes every one to avoid her and she was never able to make any friends growing up.

All of this changed when she met her idol, Kazehaya Shōta, a boy in her class. She idolizes him because of how popular and easy to get along with he is. With a lot of courage and a little support Sawako begins to expand her lonely little world and gains something she spent her whole life with out and along the way realizes that her feelings of respect for Kazehaya may be more that what she initially though.

Here’s the opening

Ooh look an official trailer!

The manga of this series is good as well but this is one of those rare cases when I enjoyed the anime much more than the manga. I guess it’s just the timing of everything just flows better in the anime. I always rush through manga and that rushed pace doesn’t work well for this series.

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