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Category: Anime

Asu No Yoichi!

by BakaSamma


Have you ever wondered what Rurouni Kenshin would be like if it were told in a modern age setting?

It’s just like Kenshin… except if you were to switch all of the badass enemies with a few hot chicks. Then replace the whole redemption driven story with a story about a boy who trains too hard. Ok so the only thing that relates Asu No Yoichi with Rurouni Kenshin is they both have a samurai… who speaks using De gozaru instead of the more common desu.

Yoichi Karasuma has spent all 17 years of his life training his swordsman ship alone in the mountains with his father. His father frustrated over the fact that his sons devoted training has made him better that his father inspires him to send his son to the city to train under a family friends dojo. The thing is the dojo Yoichi Karasuma is going to train at is run by 17 year old Ibuki Ikaruga and her 3 sisters. For some reason Ibuki Ikaruga’s parents have gone away on some training journey and left the house and the dojo in the care of their daughters. So basically Yoichi is sent to train at a dojo full of girls with no adult supervision… hilarity and fan service ensues.

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