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Category: Anime

Kyou No Go No NI! OVA

by BakaSamma


The shockingly innocent ero life of elementary school kids, Shota/Loli-cons rejoice!

The series follows the average life of an… elementary school class. I guess it makes sense. High school and middle school series have been done to death. Plus fifth grade is when children are just starting their awkward path through adolescence onto adulthood.

Like most school series the show isn’t driven by story. Mostly what keeps the show going is it’s use of awkward random humor and abundance of innuendo. Most of the innuendo is pretty innocent but take a look at the pic below and see if you can explain your way out of it.

Now try it with this one…

The OVA series of Kyou no go no ni is a short sereies with only 4 episodes that a fun waste of time.

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One Response to “Kyou No Go No NI! OVA”

  1. TheOnlyJoe says:

    I would like to finish these OVAs, but I’ve heard that the anime series has way less fan service. The phrase “Less is More” comes to mind here.

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