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Category: Game

Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks

by BakaSamma


Link is on yet another adventure to save the princess but this time he has a little help, the princess!

So, the story this time around goes that a long long time ago (ina galaxy far away etc) the forces of good and evil clashed and the forces of good came together to defeat the evil. How ever the evil was too strong and the good could not completely destroy it so they seal it away binding the evil with shackles that run though out the land. In the center of these shackles stands a tower to act as a key to the evils prison. A century later people forget and move on with their lives but a new evil emerges and attempts to reawaken the sealed evil.

If you’ve played Phantom Hour Glass then you’ll feel right at home with the controls for Spirit tracks. One new feature this time around is that the new evil some how separates princess Zelda’s spirit from her body and the princesses spirit takes the place of Link’s normal fairy companion. The cool thing about that is that she can possess some enemies and fight right along side Link. That and some of the reactions she has to all of the things Link has to do to save her are hilarious.

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