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Category: Anime

Photon the Idiot Adventures

by BakaSamma


A 6 episode OVA series by Koji Masunari about some random idiot who suddenly has a following of girls who are in love with him and the antics that follow.

Wait… that sounds like every harem type anime ever. Meh, anyways the series is about a boy named Photon with super human powers and a strong sense of loyalty who gets picked on by his child hood friend when she writes the word バカ (baka/idiot) onto his head. Photon discovers a dormant cryo-stasis pod containing Keyne Aqua, a female rebel who was searching for her grandfather’s technology the Aho furnace. A machine that allows people to harness the power of Aho which is kinda like magic. Her ship was damaged by the perusing Sir Papacharino Nanadan (Papacha) who wants to harness the Aho furnace to take over the galaxy and she ended up crashing on Photon’s planet. Photon awakens Keyne and then feeling irritated about having the word バカ drawn on his forehead draws the same thing on Keyne’s head. Apparently in Keyne’s culture if a man draws a symbol matching his own onto a females forehead it signifies marriage. So Photon promises to protect his new bride as she searches for her grandfathers tech.

This series is kinda short but still fun to watch. Also there is a good bit of nudity and a few innuendo ecchi jokes as well.

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