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Category: Anime


by BakaSamma


Since ancient times the only thing that could stand on equal grounds with a tiger was a dragon.

Takasu Ryūji is a guy entering his second year of high school and is happy to know that his best friend Kitamura Yūsaku and his long time crush, Kushieda Minori will be in the same class as him. Takasu Ryūji is an earnest, kind person but has unfortunately inherited his father’s facial features. Sporting a set of intense sanpaku eyes causes every one to fear him, believing that he is some sort of ultra violent delinquent. Another notable classmate is Aisaka Taiga, whom just happens to be the best friend of his crush Kushieda Minori. Due to her tiny stature and violent attitude she carries the nick name Te Nori Taigā (Palmtop Tiger).

One day after classes Takasu Ryūji gets caught up in a misunderstanding with Aisaka Taiga when she attempts to deliver a confessional love letter to Kitamura Yūsaku but accidental puts the letter in Ryūji’s bag. To save face from her embarrassment she attempts to beat the memory of the incident out of Ryūji but in his attempt to avoid the beating lets it slip that he wants to confess to Taiga’s friend Minori. In the end Taiga swallows her embarrassment and makes Ryūji her servant dog to set her up with his friend Kitamura Yūsaku and in return she will do what she can to set up Ryūji with her friend Kushieda Minori.

I enjoyed the series, although it’s becoming a trend to see a character with an evil face but a good heart. Also Taiga personality bears a striking resemblance to Zero from Zero No Tsukaima. Anyway it has a good story that flows well through out the entire season, even with all of it’s cliches, and an ending that left me quite satisfied. I highly recommend it if you looking for a romance comedy.

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