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Category: Game

Bookworm DS

by BakaSamma


Popcap brings another of their addictive games to the DS, you know those games you can play on your PC for free, now you can pay to have a portable version!

The DS version is pretty much like every other incarnation of Bookworm out there, nothing new is brought to the table. That said, the game plays quite nicely on the DS. Gameplay involves holding your DS sideways and using the the stylus to tap tiles to spell out words. Simple, easy, fun.

The only problem is there’s not a whole lot of challenge in the game. You can complete the by spelling out simple three letter words through out. The only incentive to try and make longer words … besides the score is the games stat tracker that… well keeps track of your stats. Your longest word and how varied the words you spell are a few of the things that are tracked.

Overall Bookworm is a fun little word puzzle game. No real “aww” factor but then again no major flaws as well.

The one thing I wanna know is… Where the hell is my Plants Vs Zombies DS!!!? Come on Popcap!

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