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Space Invaders Extreme 2

by BakaSamma


Square-enix releases another Taito game for the DS that was originally DLC for console games.

I’m still confused on when Squeenix took over Taito… This game is basically Space Invaders with a few new elements. First off are weapon power ups. Destroying four enemies of the same color will drop a temporary weapon upgrade of that color, except for white which seems to just be beam fodder. Red will drop a grenade type weapon that explodes on impact, Blue will drop a laser that will fire a constant stream as long as the fire button is held, Green drops a spread weapon where each shot will cover 1/8 the screen, and Black will drop an item that seems to condense your ship and make it move slightly faster. Yellow enemies will drop bonus point blocks that need to be caught by your ship.

Gameplay is set up with the bottom screen playing like traditional Space Invaders but the top screen will have some funky larger mini boss type enemies. Each round is cleared when all of the enemies on the top screen are cleared. when enemies on the bottom screen are cleared a new wave of enemies takes their place. After a few rounds a boss fight occurs where you have to shoot down a massive enemy that will fire off groups of smaller enemies to attack you.

The Long and short of it is that this is a $20 game that is actually pretty fun.

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