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Yea, so it’s official… Kodomo No Jikan will never “officially” come to the US

by BakaSamma

The news is a few weeks old but I wanted to keep hope alive, now I just have to accept the fact that Kodomo No Jikan will never “officially” come to the US.

Kodomo No Jikan’s US distribution license was picked up by Seven Seas Entertainment, a L.A. based publishing company. This licensing prompted all of my favorite fan scan sites to pull the series from their servers. As they rightly should. I’m all for downloading anime and manga that is unavailable locally but once it is available… go out and buy it! So long story short Kodomo No Jikan is set to come out in the US. Amazon even has a listing for the first volume in their coming soon section. Awesome!

Unfortunately Seven Seas Entertainment caved in to the controversy surrounding the series. The controversy being the series is about an escalating relationship of an elementary students crush on her teacher. I personally do not believe the series crosses the line but I do admit it comes pretty darn close at some points. Basically Seven Seas couldn’t take the heat so they dropped distribution. LAME!

So now US readers are stuck. Fanscan sites aren’t posting the series because there is technically a US license but we can’t get it officially because Seven Seas is just sitting on said license. [EXPLETIVE DELETE] There are a few torrent sites that have the first seven volumes available with English translations but fans wanting new content are screwed.

However if anyone knows a place where I can get chapters 51+ post a comment or shoot us an email… PLEASE! I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO RIN AND HER CRAZY [EXPLETIVE DELETE] GUARDIAN!

Also because it’s Saturday… here’s some random Kodomo inspired crap from the internetz.

This one has a heavy into warning but the video isn’t that bad

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