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I Got Tired of Waiting For A Good Fallout New Vegas Map

by BakaSamma

I’m still waiting on the interactive map to be made on the Fallout Wiki boards But I needed something basic to use until then.
There are a few maps floating around already but I had and issue with the ones I found. Some have a great list of the locations that are easy to do a CTRL-F search but are lacking in detail making it hard to locate places on the map. Other maps had great detail but all of the location list were embedded in the image so if you wanted to find a particular place you would have to make your eyes bleed looking up the name. I combined the best of both worlds, a (somewhat) detailed map and text list of locations so you can find things easier. I also added the location of all of the skill books because… well that was the main reason I wanted a map.


You can get a Full Size map here meh bigger anyway.

1. Brook’s Tumbleweed Ranch [G,3] * Lying, Congressional Style
2. Ruby Hill Mine [F,4]
3. Followers Safehouse [G,4] * D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine
4. Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan [H,4]
5. Horowitz Farmstead [H,3]
6. Northern Passage [J,3]
7. Charleston Cave [D,4/5]
8. Silver Peak Mine [F,5] * Tumblers Today
9. Vault 22 [G,5] * Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
10. Westside West Entrance [H,4]
11. Miguel’s Pawn Shop [H,5]
12. Westside South Entrance [H,5]
13. The Thorn [I,5]
14. H&H Tools Factory [J,4]
15. South Cistern [J,5]
16. The Strip North Gate [J,5] * Guns and Bullets/Pugilism Illustrated
17. North Vegas Gate [J,4]
18. Freeside’s North Gate [J,4]
19. Crimson Caravan Company [K,5]
20. Gun Runners [K,5]
21. Freeside’s Eas Gate [J,5] *Lying, Congressional Style
22. Mole Rat Ranch [K,4]
23. New Vegas Medical Clinic [K,5] – Impants
24. Field’s Shack [L,4]
25. Nellis Air Force Base [M,4] * Dean’s Electronics/Duck and Cover!
26. Nellis Hangars [M,2]
27. Nellis Array [N,2]
28. Jacobstown [D,5] * Grognak the Barbarian
29. Remnants Bunker [F,5]
30. Ranger Station Foxtrot [G,6] * Duck and Cover!
31. Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging [H,6] * Big Book of Science
32. Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters [I,6]
33. Durable Dunn’s Sacked Caravan [L,5]
34. NCR Sharecropper Farms [J,6] * Chinese Stealth
35. East Pump Station [K,6]
36. Raul’s Shack [M,5] * Guns and Bullets
37. Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse [N,5]
38. Bloodborne Cave [N,5]
39. Bitter Springs [P,6]
40. Ranger Station Bravo [P,6]
41. The Devil’s Throat [Q,5]
42. Vault 34 [L,6] * Guns and Bullets
43. Gypsum Train Yard [M,6]
44. Cap Counterfeiting Shack [N,7] * Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
45. Coyote Tail Ridge [O,6]
46. Red Rock Drug Lab [F,6]
47. Red Rock Canyon [F,7]
48. Chance’s Map [H,7]
49. Poseidon’s Gas Station [H,7]
50. South Vegas Ruins West Entrance [H,7]
51. Vault 3 [I,7] * Chinese Stealth
52. South Vegas Ruins East Entrance [I,7]
53. New Vegas Steel [I,7]
54. West Pump Station [I,7]
55. El Rey Motel [J,7]
56. Camp McCarran [J,7]
57. Aerotech Office Park [K,7]
58. Cannibal Jhonson’s Cave [L,7] * Grognak the Barbarian
59. Bitter Springs Recreation Area [O,7]] * Tumblers Today
60. Camp Guardian [Q,7]
61. Guardian Peak [Q,7]
62. Nopah Cave [H,8]
63. The Basincreek Building [J,8]
64. Samson Rock Crushing Plant [I,8]
65. Allied Technologies Officies [J,8] * Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
66. Cassidy Caravans Wreckage [K,8]
67. Grub n’ Gulp Rest Stop [K,8]
68. Camp Golf [M,7]
69. Lake Las Vegas [M,8]
70. Fisherman’s Pride Shack [N,7] * Pugilism Illustrated
71. Calville Bay [O,7]
72. Crashed B-29 [O,7]
73. Lake Mead Cave [P,8]
74. Scavenger Platform [O,8] * Wasteland Survival Guide
75. Follower’s Outpost [L,8]
76. Spring Mt. Ranch Stats Park [G,8]
77. Bonnie Springs [G,9]
78. Vault 19 [H,9]
79 Whittaker Farmstead [I,9]
80. Ant Mound [J,8]
81. REPCONN Headquarters [K,9] * Big Book of Science/Nikola Tesla and You X2
82. Deserted Shack [M,9]
83. Mountain Shadows Campground [M,8]
84. Ranger Station Alpha [N,9]
85. Boulder Beach Campground [N,9]
86. The Fort [Q,8]
87. Hunter’s Farm [J,9]
88. Tribal Village [F,9]
89. Makeshift Great Khan Camp [G,10]
90. Junction 15 Railway Station [J,9]
91. NCR Ranger’s Safehouse [K,10]
92. 188 Trading Post [M,9]
93. Vault 11 [M,10] * Pugilism Illustrated
94. Boulder City [N,10]
95. Hoover Dam [P,10]
96. Legate’s Camp [Q,10]
97. Goodspring’s Cemetary [F,10]
98. Great Khan Encampment [H,10]
99. Quarry Junction [I,10]
100. Neil’s Shack [J,10]
101. Black Mountain[K,11]
102. El Dorado Substation [L,10]
103. El Dorado Dry Lake [M,11]
104. Cazador Nest [N,11]
105. Ranger Station Delta [O,11]
106. Goodspring’s [G,11] * Chinese Stealth
107. Goodspring’s Cave [G,12]
108. The Devil’s Gullet [H,11]
109. Yangtze Memorial [H,11]
110. Sloan [I,11] * Dean’s Electronics/Duck n Cover!
111. Black Rock Cave [L,11]
112. El Dorade Gas & Service [N,11]
113.Powder Ganger Camp North [I,12]
114. Hidden Valley [J,12] * Nikola Tesla and You
115. HELIOS One [L,12] * D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine
116. Camp Forlorn Hope [O,12] * Big Book of Science
117. Scorpion Gulch [K,12]
118. Gibson Scrap Yard [L,12]
119.Southern Nevada Wind Farm [N,12] * Dean’s Electronics
120. Abandoned BoS Bunker [O,13] * Dean’s Electronics
121. Goodspring’s Source [G,12]
122. Jean’s Sky Diving [H,12]
123. Powder Ganger Camp West [H,13]
124. Lone Wolf Radio [G,13] * Wasteland Survival Guide
125. NCR Correctional Facility [I,13] * Lying, Congressional Style
126. REPCONN Test Site [K,13]
127. Novac [L,13] * D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine
128. Toxic Dump Site [M,13]
129. Nelson [N,13]
130. Powder Ganger Camp South [H,13]
131. Powder Ganger Camp East [J,14]
132. Canyon Wreckage [F,14]
133. California Sunset Drive-in [G,15]
134. Primm [G,15] * Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
135. Emergency Service Railyard [I,14]
136. Primm Pass [J,14]
137. Harper’s Shack [J,14]
138. Ranger Station Charlie [K,14]
139. HWY 95 Viper’s Encampment [L,14]
140. Clark Field [M,14]
141. Techatticup Mine [O,14]
142. Mesquite MTN Crater [F,15] * D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine
143. The Prospector’s Den [I,15] * Tumblers Today
144. Dead Wind Cavern [J,15]
145. Wrecked Highwayman [M,15]
146. Lucky Jim Mine [N,15] * Lying, Congressional Style
147. Cliffside Prospectors Camp [O,15]
148. Nevada HWY Patrol Station [G,16] * Guns and Bullets
149. Ivanpah Dry Lake [G,16]
150. Jack Rabbit Springs [H,16]
151. Walking Box Cavern [J,16]
152. Coyote Den [I,16]
153. Hidden Supply Cave [J,16] * Grognak the Barbarian
154. Legion Raid Camp [K,16]
155. Broc Flower Cave [L,16]
156. Snyder Prospector Camp [M,15]
157. Ranger Station Echo [N,16]
158. Coyote Mines [N,16]
159. Searchlight North Gold Mine [M,16]
160. Mesquite MTN Campsite [F,16] * Wasteland Survival Guide
161. Nipton Road Reststop [G,17] * Pugilism Illustrated
162. Ivanpah Race Track [H,16]
163. Nipton Road Pit Stop [H,17]
164. Nipton [I,17] * Big Book of Science
165. Wolfhorn Ranch [K,17] * Tumblers Today
166. Raided Farmstead [K,17]
167. Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm [K,18] * Wasteland Survival Guide
168. Camp Searchlight [M,17] * Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual
169. Sniper’s Nest [N,17]
170. Cottonwood Cove [O,17] * Grognak the Barbarian
171. Cottonwood Overlook [O,17]
172. Smith Mesa Prospector Camp [0,18]
173. Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals [P,18]
174. Mojave Outpost [F,18] * Duck and Cover!
175. Morning Star Cavern [F,18]
176. Crescent Canyon West [G,18]
177. Mojave Drive-in [I,18]
178. Crescent Canyon East [H,19]
179. Bradley’s Shack [J,18]
180. Caesar’s Legion Warehouse [J,18]
181. Old Nuclear Test Site [K,18] * Nikola Tesla and You
182. Crashed Vertibird [K,19]
183. Searchlight East Goldmine [N,18]
184. Searchlight Airport [M,18]
185. Fire Root Cavern [N,18]
186. Cottonwood Crater [N,18]

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