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Category: Anime, Fandom

Marvel Anime : Wolverine…

by BakaSamma

Madhouse Studio continues their Marvel Anime project with Wolverine and after catching the first episode I have to say,,, meh.

It’s not that it was bad, it was just… ok. The establishing shots looked good and the animation quality wasn’t anything mind blowing but it was smooth and decently done. I guess what kept me from liking it is that it just didn’t feel like Wolverine.

First off was the character design. When I think of Wolverine, I think of a little, grumpy ball of pissed off fury. Basicaly short, ripped, and constantly pissed off. This Wolverine looks like they took Spike from Cowboy Bebop and gave him a mullet and claws.

Secondly Wolverine just didn’t act like Wolverine. He came off a little too calm and collected, like a cliched mix of a high school delinquent and a salary man. When I think of Wolverine fighting I think of him eviscerating his enemies in a fury of rage and claws. In this series he seemed to methodically take out his enemies one by one. He just didn’t give off that feeling of rage you would normally associate with Wolverine. I think giving characters voice a gaijin accent would have done wonders for getting existing fans to relating this series to existing Marvel world. How ever Madhouse decided to go with posing Logan with a can of “Canada Gold” Beer that just came across to me as forced and awkward.

To sum things up I’d have to give the first episode a rating of meh. After watching this I’m kinda scared to check out the Iron Man version of this series. I can’t shake the feeling that it is something like…

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