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The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360

by BakaSamma

First off, If you don’t like the Beatles your not going to like this game because if you haven’t figured it out by now(please locate the nearest electrical outlet and commence licking) the game is comprised of mostly Beatles music. You get 45 songs in total that are mostly Beatles original but you also get a few covers performed by the Beatles as well. Overall the difficulty of the songs are not that high. You can easily blow through the entire story mode in a few hours. So for the non Beatles fan you get a small list of songs an not a lot of challenge. There I said it.

Now if you are a Beatles fan even somewhat so, THIS GAME IS FRICKEN AWESOME!!! I can not stop raving on how amazing the visuals are. From the jaw dropping intro the the smooth cut-scenes between each venue. Beautiful… just beautiful. Even the background animations during the songs are amazing, especially so in the Abbey Row recording studio. Each song starts the band out in the recording studio but as the song progresses the band is transported into a world befitting the song. I failed many a level because I was watching the background instead of playing properly. Hell, I wish there was a spectator mode so I could just watch them as music videos.

Core game play remains the same. They got it right the first time, there’s not much you can do to improve it. There are a few subtle changes in the visuals. Most notably is that the notes them selfs are solid block of color instead of the tiny neon lights in previous rock bands. I like this because for me it feels a little easier to distinguish the notes from the background and during “Beatle Mania”(this games version of star power). My only gripe is that “Yesterday” is not in the song line up, but the initial list of songs is a great mix of popular favorites as well as a few “forgotten” gems. Also with the way DLC is coming along eventually the entire Beatles library should be available. It should be noted as well that DLC for the game will feature original background animations providing even more jaw-dropping journeys for future game play.

If your a Beatles fan 10/10 meh’s

If your not, then why the hell are you still reading this? Go play Guitar Hero 5.

3 Responses to “The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360”

  1. Sabra says:

    Aww… I wish I could play this now, but with all of the floodings in GA, my basement got flooded and it ruined my 360.

  2. BakaSamma says:

    Ouch! The only thing I can think of for condolences is that the Elite systems did just drop their price tags by $100. Think of it as natures way of telling you to upgrade, that and nature is a douche sometimes.

  3. TheOnlyJoe says:

    Yeah, you can ask Six Flags all about the “nature being a douche” bit.

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