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A Witch’s Tale – Nintendo DS

by BakaSamma

A witchs tale

Nippon Ichi targets “goth kids“…

And dudes with loli-goth fetishes.

A Witch’s Tale is another Nippon Ichi installment of turn bace RPG’s. The story goes that a thousand years ago witches harnessed powerful and destructive rune magic in the underworld. As their power grew, so did their envy of the surface world. A war broke out and Queen Alice sealed the most powerful Eld Witch with rune magic of her own. a Thousand years later, Liddell, a witch in training seeking to become the most powerful witch ever accidentally releases the Eld witch from her sealed tomb. Now she has to go to the worlds princesses to collect each lands sigil so that she can deliver them to Queen Alice so that she can once again seal the Eld witch.

All the controlls are handled entirely through the touch screen. Movement is pretty easy comprised of simply draging the stylus around and to investigate areas of interest you simpy have to tap on objects. You are also armed with a pumpkin parasol that can break apart certain rocks,…whip cream, and many other obstacles to clear paths and find items bu tapping on them as well.

Battles are set up like a standard turn base system but instead of just selecting an attack or magic spell you have to slide little action disks over a monster slot. It’s interesting for the first battle but then gets ridiculously tedious. Later as you rune power grows you’ll be able to draw out runes to cast more powerful magic.

Your party is made up of little rag dolls. You start off with a one eared cat doll named Dayna but as you progress you can obtain more dolls to battle with.

Seems interesting but geared for gamers between 8-15. It’s good, it’s just nothing great.

One Response to “A Witch’s Tale – Nintendo DS”

  1. Sergio Guerreiro says:

    its Nippon Ichi and loli Goth Fetish, what else can you ask for !? Its a Must…lol

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