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Category: Anime

Kiss X Sis

by BakaSamma


A one stop shop for High School entrance exam drama, Harem Comedy, and Twincest!

Keita Suminoe is a third year Junior High School student who, with his sports recommendation, has a free pass into high school. The down side is it is pretty far away from home and his older twin sisters are not happy about it. The reason Ako and Riko Suminoe are not happy is because they both are head over heels in love with Keita a even chose an average level high school near by in hopes that Keita would attend the same school as them.

Yep Keita’s sisters are in love with him… and not in a sibling kind of way, but before you get creeped out too much there’s a simple explanation. Keita’s father married the mother of Ako and Rika, so their step brother and sister. Leagally a relation ship is ok but psychologically… meh. It gets worse by the fact that the par rents are ok with the girls trying to seduce their son. So much so that they are taking bets with the neighborhood mothers as to which sister will win over Keita’s heart.

The anime only has two episodes right now and they pretty much follow the manga to a tee. So if you have some free time(or just currious about a little twincest) check the anime out. If you want to know more then check out the manga. A little warning though, the series is pretty much softcore porn. They don’t show much but they do insinuate a whole lot. Mature content warning advised!


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