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Anime Community Suffers Another Loss… 8/24/2010

by BakaSamma

What started out as a rumor on twitter posted by MADHOUSE studio’s founding director Masao Maruyama stating that an important studio director has passed. On Wednesday Satoshi Kon’s widow Kyōko Kon confirmed the rumor with a Posted message on Satoshi Kon’s official website,

8月24日午前6時20分、今 敏は膵臓癌(膵癌)により永眠いたしました。


代表取締役 今 京子

Roughly translated as,

On August 24 at 6:20 a.m. Satoshi Kon passed away due to pancreatic cancer He was 46.
His funeral service will be held only for relatives.
We respect and are deeply grateful for your kindness during his lifetime.

Kon’STONE Inc.
Representative Director Kyoko Kon

Satoshi Kon’s person site. A word of caution though, the site is under heavy traffic since news of Satoshi Kon’s passing.
or via google translator

Satoshi Kon is probably best known for his work on Perfect Blue and Roujin Z, or more recently Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika. While Miyazaki does pretty, Satoshi Kon did pretty and smart. With the anime industry’s lack of directors under 50 pushing the boundaries, losing Satoshi is a hard blow. He will be truly missed.

For more info on Satoshi Kon, visit his wiki page Satoshi Kon Wiki

Roujin Z Trailer

Perfect Blue trailer

Tokyo Godfathers Trailer

Millennium Actress Trailer

Paranoia Agent Trailer

Paprika Trailer

One Response to “Anime Community Suffers Another Loss… 8/24/2010”

  1. I’m so sorry for Satoshi kon We will missed you I watched all Movies

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