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Wii Accessories…WTF.

by BakaSamma


There are a few Wii accessories out there that actually serve a purpose and actually make sense. Things like the play and charge kits. They are awesome, I never have to by batteries for my Wiimotes ever again. The Wii Speak, hurray for being able to chat online with people while playing games. Congrats Nintendo, you’ve caught up with what Sony and Microsoft were able to do like five years ago. Even though it’s a little late the Wii Speak is still useful. Then there’s the crap that is useless, gaudy, and just plain stupid. However, because stupid people keep buying this crap, people keep making more crap. Thus the cycle of stupid remains eternal.

Wii Boxing Gloves Yes I know, but they get even better…err, well worse really.

Wii Weights Now when you throw your Wiimote into the TV its guaranteed to break.

Wii Racing Wheel I got it for free when I bought Mario Kart and I want my money back.

Wii Zapper You’ll use it twice before you realize it’s easier to play with out it.

Wii Master Sword kit Ehh ok, this one is kinda awesome.

Wii Light “Sabers”… It’s just wrong.

Wii Sports Pack… really? REALLY?

Wii Cooking Mama kit… I thought the sports pack was as low as you could get… I was wrong.

Wii Trauma Center kit… This just makes me sad. Sad in face, sadface… <:(

Wii Nerf Guns…I just don’t get it. Regular Nerf guns are great but how lazy are kids getting that they need a Nerf video game? Little Timmy can’t be bothered with shooting all of his darts and then having to go find them all and reload them manually, he needs a button to do it for him.

I’m positive I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg but the search is making me very depressed and I have to stop before I commit bodily harm to myself and those around me. So I beg of you, when purchasing accessories for yourself or loved ones, ask yourself a few simple questions.
1. After the initial “hey this is kinda cool” reaction, will the product end up sitting in a corner somewhere forgotten and collecting dust?
2. Will the product you are considering ultimately end up in a dump choking the Earth with it’s non biodegradable materials shortly after purchase?
3. If the product up for consideration is used in public, will the user look like a total douche bag?
If yes is the answer to any of these questions then put the product down and back away slowly. Your doing your part for the betterment of mankind… and knowing is half the battle~ you know the rest.

2 Responses to “Wii Accessories…WTF.”

  1. TheOnlyJoe says:

    GI JOE!!!

  2. BakaSamma says:

    I believe you, but the Cyberbike wasn’t left out… Kinda. It still still hasn’t come out yet. It was supposed to launch in Europe during the first quarter but as of yet there’s no word on whats going on. Mostly the factor on weather or not it will end up on a future WTF accessories listing will be its price point. $20 would make the thing pretty sweet but I have a feeling it will end up being like $500.

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